Lists of instructions implemented in Kyan Pascal

ABS            EQLN             ODD             SP
AND            EQU              OF              SQR
ARCTAN         EXP              OR              SQRT
ARRAY          FALSE            ORD             SUCC
ASSIGN         FILE             ORG             T
BEGIN          FOR              OUTPUT          TEXT
BOOLEAN        FORWARD          PACKED          THEN
CASE           FUNCTION         PRED            TO
CHAIN          GET              PROCEDURE       TRUE
CHAR           GOTO             PROGRAM         TRUNC
CHR            IF               PUT             TYPE
CONST          IN               READ            UNTIL
COS            INPUT            READLN          VAR
DB             INTEGER          REAL            WHILE
DISPOSE        LABEL            RECORD          WITH
DIV            LN               REPEAT          WRITE
DO             LOCAL            RESET           WRITELN
DOWNTO         MAXINT           REWRITE         #A
DW             MOD              ROUND           #I
ELSE           NEW              SEEK            (*   *)
END            NIL              SET             :=
EOF            NOT              SIG

Last updated on 26-September-94
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