COS - internal commands

load and run binary file from tape (if the file contains its name, it will be displayed)
filenames stored in tape binary files (names are stored by dedicated copier - Name Copy). Rewind tape to the beginning of the unknown file, press PLAY on the recorder and any key on the computer. COS will read first record of this file and display its name (or ????????.??? if it isn't stored). Then you can rewind tape to another file and again press PLAY and any key and so on. The motor of the recorder is still turned on. You can break this function by pressing BREAK key.
display free memory left. MemLo and MemHi values are displayed as hexadecimal.
go to BASIC interpreter or installed cartridge if it is turned on. With ON argument, turns cartridge on, with OFF argument, turns it off.
execute binary code from given address. Without arguments, executes last program, with argument, executes code from hexadecimal address (for example JMP E477 causes cold reboot of the computer).
with ON argument, turns the recorder's motor on, with OFF argument, turns it off
display COS vignette with its version number
clear screen
short info on internal commands

Last updated on 5-February-97