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Cobra Team is Polish group (the best group, of coz!) working on Atari XL/XE. It has been formed in August 1995 by: Chris, Mayonez, MacGyver, Bloody Butcher, Brzydki and Wińo. Almost one year later, on Orneta '96 Copy Party our group got new members: Wódz, Kuchara and Hermes. Another guy - Eros joined Cobra Team few months later. The biggest our production is Partro from Orneta '96 Copy Party. Our members have had also some successes on GFX and MSX competitions. Last but not least, Bloody Butcher got third place on the latest Intro Competition in Orneta with his "The Break". We haven't created any great megademo so far, but we are able to schock all of you someday. Watch out for Cobra!

Stuff that we present here:

Page created on 31-October-96
Last updated on 5-February-97