Gallery of the famous Atarians

[PHOTO] Michael Current
Keeper of the FAQ and VenDev lists. The Atari SIG's (at the Cleveland Free-Net) 8-Bit Computers Support Area maintainer.

[PHOTO] Sandor Teli
[PHOTO] Tamas Bene
[PHOTO] Farkas Felker
Members of the Hard Software - Hungarian Atari 8-bit team. Authors of the "Veronika", "Cool emotion" and "Joyride" demos.

[PHOTO] William (Bill) Kendrick
Guru of the USENET group comp.sys.atari.8bit. Keeper of the "Unofficial Atari 8-bit Newbie/Stupid Questions/Emulator Frequently Asked Questions" list. Programist (New Breed Software).

[PHOTO] Ivo van Poorten (The Gatekeeper)
Author of the demos and utilities programs. "The Atari 8-bit Home Page" maintainer.

Last updated on 1-September-95
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