Unlimited charts!

Second edition, 1 March - 31 May 1998

You can vote for your favourite demos and people who create them - coders, gfx-men and musicians. Demos and guys selected to vote for come mostly from Polish scene, but it is not required and I can add others (if you know excellent candidate to add, let me know).

How to vote

When you enter Voting Area, you will see candidates in four categories - demos, coders, gfx-men and musicians. You can choose up to 10 demos/guys in each category and then submit your selection. You can vote only once per day. You can also check current results.


I've worked a little on this service. It is now much more stable, voting results won't be lost anymore. I've also added some products/guys known from latest copy parties. Last but not least, I'm planning to present charts results on regular basis - every three months results will be frozen and new voting started. First edition started on 1st December 1997.

Charts results archive

Last updated on 24-March-98