QuaST Copy Party, Orneta 4-6 August 1995

In the days 4-6th of August there was another copy party for Atari 8bit users (in fact also for ST(E)/Falcon ones). It took place in the Orneta (small town near Olsztyn), Poland. There were about 150 Atari 8bit users on it (over 10 groups and few independent guys). Four competitions have been organized: Because of poor organization of votes counting and results advertising, I can't present detailed results of all competitions.

The newest demo of HARD Software "Joyride" has also been presented (world first) on this party, but outside the demo competition. Organizers decided that demo can accede the competition only if it is presented personally by member(s) of group.

All the intros and four demos are available from the UMich FTP archive and its mirrors. First demo ("Overmind" by Slight) isn't available, because they haven't finished it yet. On the Party it was presented in almost final version (linked as demo, not as trackmo).

Msx Competition:

1.  Scream             Samurai/Taquart
2.  Orneta'95          TL/USSR
3.  Insanity           Greg/Taquart
Presented 43 works.

Gfx Competition:

1. Bird of prey        Raven/Quasimodos
2. The sun             Dracon/USG
3. Yamaha              Kaczor/Tight
Presented 24 works.

Intro Competition:

1. Taquart             Electron/Taquart
2. Intro 2             Jaskier/Taquart, Bael/MAC
3. Intro 1             Jaskier/Taquart, Bael/MAC
Further positions:
   The short circuit   High voltage
   Madteam intro       Madteam

Demo Competition:

1. Overmind            Slight
2. Back to live        Taquart
3. Out of time         APC
4. Drunk tank          Quasimodos

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