Copy Party Orneta '96

As usual in the beginning of August, QuaST Copy Party has been organized in Orneta. It lasted from 1st to 4th of August. There were organized four competitions: This time votes have been exactly counted and detailed results are available. About two months later partro was released.

As about intro competitions, two of six presented intros have been very good. First of them - "Drunk Chessboard" contains many effects based on moving chessboards - known from "Cool Emotion" and "Shake!" demos. Some of these effects are hard to believe. When I first saw this demo I was sure it is on some bigger Atari (ST or Falcon), because they were also present on the party. Second intro - "Recycle" by Taquart contains effects coded by LBS to planned Taquart's demo. Unfortunatelly, they haven't been able to finish entire demo (or maybe even trackmo) so they presented only intro. Results of the intro competition:

  1. "Drunk Chessboard" by Infinity (1214 points)
  2. "Recycle" by Taquart (1143 points)
  3. "The Break" by BLB/Cobra (909 points)
  4. "Bobs Land" by Bit Busters (650 points)
  5. "Waves" by Bit Busters (583 points)
  6. "Belmondo Demo 2" by Qbek/OHP (296 points)

Four demos have acceded to demo competition. One of them was "Asskicker" by Shadows, which was considered a certain winner. Its preview version has been shown before on the Atari Silesian Open in December 1995 and people remembered its great effects (Gourand, textures, Wolfenstein 3D). Shadows even added two effects - motion blur and Phong shaded torus! This demo can shock not only Atari 8bit users, but also Amiga and PC coders - it's hard to believe that these effects are possible to code on 8bit machine with clock 1.77 MHz! As usual, their demo presented Quasimodos, but they haven't menaged to finish real demo, so they have shown only kind of joke. Two other demos are debuts of two other groups - Pentagram and MEC. Final results:

  1. "Asskicker" by Shadows (1362 points)
  2. "Raving Vieprz" by Pentagram (788 points)
  3. "Rotten Juice" by MEC (724 points)
  4. "Nasze grzyby dorownuja, a pod niektorymi wzgledami przewyzszaja zgnile grzyby zachodnie" by Quasimodos (595 points)

Results of the music competition:

  1. "Porazka" by Samurai/Taquart (880 points)
  2. "Toxic Cream" by Greg/Taquart (845 points)
  3. "Sweet Voice" by Greg/Taquart (835 points)
  4. "King of Agregat" by X-Ray/Slight (807 points)
  5. "Time" by X-Ray/Slight (796 points)
  6. "Red Sector" by Zbx Virus/Pentagram (792 points)
  7. "Overload" by X-Ray/Slight (770 points)
  8. "Sexperience" by Dhor/MEC (755 points)
  9. "Happy New Year" by Bloody Butcher/Cobra (720 points)
  10. "Jade" by Bac/Taquart (715 points)
  11. "Music 1" by DJV/Banklan (689 points)
  12. "New" by Cedyn/Shadows (675 points)
  13. "Psychodelic Acied" by Zbx Virus/Pentagram (652 points)
  14. "The Escaper" by Mayonez/Cobra (649 points)
  15. "Music 2" by DJV/Banklan (647 points)
  16. "Rama" by Dex/BBSL (591 points)
  17. "Full Shock" by Bac/Taquart (587 points)
  18. "Fog in the Sky" by Mayonez/Cobra (581 points)
  19. "Van_1" by Flash/MEC (539 points)
  20. "Yo" by Morgoth/Quasimodos (537 points)
  21. "Hall of Rabarbadon" by Miker/Slight (505 points)

Results of the gfx competition:

  1. "Druid" by Dracon/USG/Taquart (969 points)
  2. "Altar" by Dracon/USG/Taquart (927 points)
  3. "Puzzle of Life" by Titus/Shadows (885 points)
  4. "Landscape" by Brzydki/Cobra (880 points)
  5. "Something on the Way" by Titus/Shadows (868 points)
  6. "Pragnienie" by Dracon/USG/Taquart (860 points)
  7. "Leczyca" by Brzydki/Cobra (853 points)
  8. "Cross Over" by Ever (816 points)
  9. "The Thulhu Gold" by Titus/Shadows (805 points)
  10. "Hunter" by Vidol/Tight (798 points)
  11. "Czacha" by Vidol/Tight (796 points)
  12. "Nidzica" by Brzydki/Cobra (791 points)
  13. "Dalmatynczyk" by Qba (781 points)
  14. "War" by Blasphemer/Pentagram (711 points)
  15. "Downtown" by Maly/ind. (689 points)
  16. "Wampir" by Mariusz Zajac/Sword (685 points)
  17. "Bitwa" by Raven/Quasimodos (653 points)
  18. "Zamek" by Mariusz Zajac/Sword (648 points)
  19. "Piesek" by Rocky/Madteam (632 points)
  20. "Darkness Warrior" by Qba (589 points)
  21. "Jaga" by Qba (570 points)
  22. "Topielec" by Mariusz Zajac/Sword (552 points)

Winner of the previous Orneta Copy Party - trackmo "Overmind" by Slight has also been presented and distributed in finished form (at last)! It is first trackmo on the Atari 8bit and at the moment one and only.

Last updated on 10-March-97