Gravity '97 Copy Party

This Amiga/PC Copy Party took place from 30 to 31 August 1997 in Opole - town that was seriously flooded month before. Because it was 3rd event for Atari 8-bitters this holidays - they appeared to get a little tired and weren't so active as on previous parties. There were 597 guys on the party out of which only 18 declared themselfs as Atarians. They are (list got from Official Gravity '97 Home Page):

Only graphics competition took place as about our platform. There were about 4-5 works presented. We also presented our demo achievements to other scenes guys - mostly to our main concurrent - Commodore 64. The best demos from latest parties have been shown - "Asskicker", "Trip 6", "Vengeance", "Ultra"... They caused effect that we were expecting!

Unlike on the Intel Outside copy party, C-64 guys presented at last some valuable works - mostly few not so bad demos. They can be compared to demos we wrote one year ago... I've seen one really good effect - Wolfenstein 3D better then one in "Asskicker".

Last updated on 30-September-97