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This is very small archive which contains: This archive isn't intended to replace such huge archives as the Merit/UMich but I hope it will be useful supplement to them. I'm open for all suggestions and remarks about it.

If the binary files are displayed on your screen instead of downloading to the disk, it's troubles with your browser's configuration. It doesn't know that some files (ARC, COM, DCM) are binary and tries to display it as text. (In fact I have corrected this and it should not take place anymore). If you are using Lynx, Netscape Navigator or Mosaic, you can use the following tips:

Move mouse pointer to link but don't click it. Instead press right mouse button and choose "Save Link As..." option from displayed menu. Even easier you can simply click on link while holding Shift key.
Set the "Load To Local Disk" option, then click the links to the files you are interested in. At last turn off the "Load To Local Disk" option.
Move the cursor to the file you are interested in. Do not jump to this link, but press 'd' to call Lynx's download function.

And now, let's see what I'm offering:

Stuff from Orneta '96 Copy Party!

Drunk Chessboard (16 KB)
"Drunk Chessboard" by Infinity (coded by Fox). Winner of the Orneta '96 intro competition - really great!
HIP intro (15 K)
Small intro presenting new type of interlaced pictures - HIP (Hard Interlace Picture) - invented by Hard group and Heaven.

Few my programs

PLAY (12 K) and SHOW (41 K)
Twin tools to play CMC music files (created with "Chaos Music Composer") and show PIC files (pictures created with "Koala Microillustrator"). Both programs were prepared especially for Sparta DOS users but work as fine under other systems. Some sample files included. SHOW is included here only for historical reasons, I strongly advise using SHOW 2.0 (available below) instead of SHOW 1.0.
Show 2.0 (60 K)
Next version (2.0) of the SHOW tool. Now it displays PICs in all modes, with different resolutions. Also supports PIC format v.2 - invented by me to avoid one disadvantage of the standard PIC format. User interface (file choosing routine) has been also improved a little.
Birthday Demo (15 K)
My first attempt to write real (but still simple) demo. I hope it isn't my last word on this field.
Lorneta Demo (23 K)
It wasn't my last word! Here it is my second demo! It is short (?) relation (in polish) from the Orneta ('95) Copy Party. Why its name is "Lorneta"? Just for joke!

Great demos

X-Demo (47 K)
The newest demo written by Bewesoft! We had to wait quite long for his another demo, but he did it at last (he had several serious reasons to do it).
Revenge of Magnus (18 K)
One of the many great productions written by the greatest Atari 8bit coder - Magnus/WFMH (I am completly mad on the point of him and his group).
The TOP #2 (54 K)
"The TOP #2" is on the Net at last! If you saw its 1st or 3rd part, I have not to say anything more. If you haven't seen them, I say that they have been written by WFMH (see above).
Unite! (22 K)
Very cool demo. I won't write anything more - you'll love it when you see it first time.

HIP (Hard Interlace Picture) stuff

The simplest HIP viewer. It doesn't even perform file loading - you have to manually load HIP file using DOS (HIP is common binary .OBJ file) and then run this routine. Source included.
HIP viewer v1.1 (4 K)
HIP viewer by Mayonez/Cobra. Pretty friendly. However, it doesn't handle HIP files other then 200 lines high.
Graphics Projector (23 K)
Viewer of many Atari 8bit graphics file formats - including several HIP versions. Powerful, not so friendly. Doesn't correctly handle HIP files other then 200 lines high.
BMP to HIP converter (11 K)
It's program for PC (MS-DOS) that converts BMP 320x200 (160x200) greyscale files to HIP files. Written by Sandor Teli and Tamas Bene. Source in C included.
Sample pictures 1 (120 K)
Chronologically first bunch of the HIP files - converted by Tamas Bene with his first converter. Most of them is 160x192 so will be correctly displayed only by first viewer (the simplest one).
Sample pictures 2 (56 K)
Some more HIP files - coming from Polish scene this time.
Photos from Orneta '95 (144 K)
Over 20 photos from Orneta '95 Copy Party. Converted to HIPs.


SysInfo v1.9 (13 K)
The SysInfo (or System Investigator) by KMK. This version has some bugs fixed and some new features (virtual memory for example!).
SysInfo v2.02 (42 K)
The newest version of the SysInfo. It is heavily expanded and reorganized comparing to 1.x series.
80 columns handler (1 K)
Quite useful, small resident program which replaces E: device with 80 column emulation on the graphics screen.
Atari 800 Emulator (102 K)
First Atari 8bit emulator for UNIX systems! Can be build for working in many different environments, for example: XWindow, text mode, SVGA mode for Linux, curses library, Amiga.

Useful programs for tape recorders users

Exclamation loader (1 K)
First program is simple loader of the binary files in DOS format. It is known as "exclamation" loader. It should be stored on the tape and after it should be stored binary file which you want to load from tape recorder. To load this program, rewind tape to the beginning of the "exclamation" loader and reboot computer (turning it on or JMPing to $E477) holding START and OPTION keys (or only START if loaded program needs BASIC interpreter). It will load "exclamation" (which is in plain BOOT format) that will automatically start loading of the binary file stored on the tape after it.
Casette Operating System v1.4 (2 K)
Second program presented is designed to more serious work and has been written as version of Disk Operating System (DOS) supporting only tape recorder. It is COS (Casette Operating System). It can be loaded during boot of the system (with START or START and OPTION keys) and after loading it starts standard DOS session offering few internal commands and ability of loading binary files and programs. You can run many programs during one session, you can go to BASIC interpreter (or other cartridge installed), you can install some TSR programs (residents) - everything like in real DOS. Available internal commands. Casette Operating System has been written by Janusz B. Wisniewski (JBW) and has been published in the "Tajemnice Atari" magazine.

Last updated on 17-November-97